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Let your creative ideas come to reality

in this indoor and outdoor coworking space


What we do

In addition to providing a cozy indoor and outdoor area, we have several services available for you.

Contact us for any non-listed service and
we will let you know if that is already part
of our ever-growing catalog.


A nice and calm open desk or office for you and your team to work away from home.
Do you want to get out of your home for a couple of hours daily?

Mailboxes & Packaging

Do you need us to receive your mail?
Yes, we can.
Do you need us to ship your products?
Yes we can too!


We help you develop your product
or service either through partnerships or
any other agreed-upon relationship

Events Space

Our great indoor and outdoor equipped areas are suitable for most events. We also have a large plaza next to us to accommodate any number of your event guests.

Photoshoot & Podcast

Do you need a space to do your podcasts or photoshoots? We have 2 well-equipped rooms available for that.


Weekly art classes and events for your mind to explore and your spirit revived.


We are creative community spot

Are you a remote worker needing a spot to work at?
Are you launching a business and need to be part of a peer community?

Are you a business that needs space for some meetings?

Are you an event organizer who needs a centrally located spot?

Are you a nomad who needs an area where they can be with their family?

Are you an artist who needs a place to showcase your talent?


Looking for an awesome location for your next event?